Disaster Recovery

The Saratoga Modular Homes Rapid Recovery Program

Custom modular colonial style home built in Town of Rotterdam, Schenectady County NY by Saratoga Modular Homes

Custom modular colonial style home built after previous home was destroyed by fire in Rotterdam, NY by Saratoga Modular Homes

Unfortunately we have a LOT of experience in helping families recover from fire, flood, tornado and other natural disasters in the Albany – Saratoga – Lake George region.   We understand the trauma that these events inflict on families, and we’re here to help in every way possible.

Our company policy is to immediately make any customer who has lost their home to disaster our highest priority, and our manufacturing partners do the same.  With everyone working together we have completed demolition and reconstruction projects in as little as 78 days for fire victims.

Colonial style custom modular home in Cohoes, Albany County NY

Colonial style custom modular home built to replace home destroyed by fire in Cohoes NY

From our experience it almost always makes more sense to rebuild than to renovate.  Fire damage can leave a home nearly unrecognizable, with a long list of after effects such as water damage, collapsed roofs, broken windows and doors, lingering smoke odor, and mold from water damage.

Flood damage causes myriad problems including mold, swollen wood floors and joists, damaged insulation, etc.  And tornado damage frequently renders a home structurally unstable.

Saratoga Modular can get you back into your home in about the same amount of time it would take to restore the damaged home, eliminating the worry of structural issues, lingering odors and mold left after the event.   And your new home will be just that – brand new, with healthy indoor air quality, better energy efficiency, and a 10 year warranty.

Architect designed modular multi-family home in Saratoga Springs NY

Architect designed modular multi-family home built after previous home was destroyed by fire in Saratoga Springs NY

Here’s the best news… by working together with our sister company Saratoga Construction LLC, we can handle your entire job from demolition and disposal of the damaged structure to construction of the new home.

We have established great relationships with the insurance companies that we’ve worked with in the past, and make every effort to reduce the stress of this event for you.

We can also offer advice and referrals to experts in related fields for structural engineering assessment, negotiation with insurance companies, asbestos and other hazmat remediation in the damaged home, etc.

Modular Colonial home in Schenectady

Modular Colonial home built to replace home destroyed by gas explosion in Schenectady NY.

One last note… please don’t ever let an insurance company bully you into a quick settlement, or tell you that you can’t rebuild and must remodel a damaged home.  They never want to pay out more than they have to but it’s your home, it’s your insurance money, and it’s your choice.  If you’re not getting the cooperation you want from your insurance company then please let us help you out.


Modular Reproduction Colonial Charlton NY

Modular Reproduction Colonial built to replace home lost in the Charlton Tavern fire, Charlton NY

When disaster strikes, rest assured that the entire team at Saratoga Modular Homes and Saratoga Construction is dedicated to providing your family with a quick and quality road back home.