Universal Design / Aging in Place

Saratoga Modular Homes believes in Universal Design

ADA-compliant group home built by Saratoga Modular Homes

ADA-compliant group home designed and built by Saratoga Modular Homes

Universal design, also called barrier-free design, focuses on making a home safe and accessible for everyone, regardless of age, physical ability, or stature.  Most of us think immediately of ramps and grab bars when we think of accessible housing, but universal design goes far beyond that while remaining largely invisible to the casual observer.  In fact, applying universal design concepts such as wider doors and hallways makes a home feel more spacious.  It costs very little to make your new modular home barrier-free, and with custom modular construction we can make Universal Design and aging-in-place affordable.

Accessible tub in custom home built by Saratoga Modular Homes

Accessible tub for an in-law apartment designed and built by Saratoga Modular Homes

Like “Green Building”, we believe that Universal Design is really just common sense. Imagine building a house when you’re young that you can remain in as you age: wide doorways that can accommodate both a stroller and a wheelchair; towel racks in the kitchen that double as grab bars as balance grows unsteady; a full bath and den/bedroom on the main floor for visitors that struggle with stairs; and entryways that are smooth to prevent tripping.  We incorporate these concepts of universal design to create homes that are barrier-free and allow aging in place without looking purposely modified.

Handicap shower installed in custom home by Saratoga Modular Homes

Barrier-free shower with seat and grab bars installed for a customer by Saratoga Modular Homes

Maybe you want your home be “visit-able” for a friend or family member with limited mobility.  Maybe you’re concerned about being able to care for a parent in your home at some point in the future.  Or maybe you just want this to be the last home you’ll ever live in.  For all those reasons and more we believe that Universal Design makes sense for everyone.

Whatever your level of need, we’re here to help.  If you just want wider doors and hallways, and blocking in the walls for future grab bars, we can do that.  Need a ramp?  We’ve built many.  A roll-in shower with seat, grab bars and special controls?  We’ve installed dozens.  Maybe a swing-door tub that’s easy to get in and out of?  We’ve installed them too.  And we’ve designed and built 2 group homes in Saratoga County that are fully ADA compliant for AIM Services Inc., a non-profit organization that cares for adults with special needs.